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Actions' PAD Product Tools (Developer Editions)



1.01.02 2012-12-25? (Use newer versions for Ainol firmwares)
1.02.02 2013-01-08? (Hero 4 nuclear upgrade tool)
1.02.03 2013-01-28?
1.02.04 2013-02-27?
1.04.01 2013-07-05?
1.05.02 2013-11-25 (automatic updates)
1.06.01 (test version. Install an older version, or just its drivers to use.)
1.06.02 2014-02-25
1.07.02 2014-04-22
1.08.01 2014-06-19 -
1.09.02 2015-02-05
1.09.03 (automatic update) 2015-04-22
1.09.04 (automatic update) 2015-06-04
1.09.05 (automatic update) 2015-06-15
Update from 1.07.02 to 1.09.02 and from 1.09.02 to 1.09.05 available also here

- - - - - - - - -

Actions' IH FW Burning Tools (PAD Product Tool's name changed V2.00 ->)

IH FW Burning Tool support the firmware file with extension ".fw" only!
That is, one file having ".fw" as extension.
So, do not update if you need to flash an older firmware that
consists of separate files (*.fw, misc.img, rec.img, system.img).

2.00.02 2015-07-21 (automatic update)
2.01.02 2015-08-10?
2.01.03 2015-08-17
2.02.01 2016-11-30 (automatic update, not public yet)

Version history
v2.02.01 2016-11-30 1) Solve bugs

v2.01.03 2015-08-17 1) Solve bugs 2) Support composite firmware

v2.00.02 2015-07-21 1) Support Intelligent Hardware and IOT platform, PAD solution compatible 2) Enter into development mode with startup argument '-developer'

v1.09.05 2015-06-15 1) Solve the bugs about FAT32 images

v1.09.04 2015-06-04 1) Solve the bugs about FAT32 images

v1.09.03 2015-04-22 1) Tooltip for USB power

v1.09.02 2015-02-05 1) Support 7059 series 2) Optimize production efficiency 3) Optimize the User Interface usability

v1.08.01 2014-06-19 1) Support MTP mode

v1.07.02 2014-04-22 1) Support BOX Solutions

v1.06.02 2014-02-25 1) Solve the bugs 2) Support compound firmware PRODUCTION and FLASH_ERASE forced to selected Hidden partitions settings All partitions will be programmed onto the device HDCP-KEY programmed together with the firmware only Support signed firmware verification (need the matched public key) Support making mass production card 3) Compatible the sparse firmware and images

v1.05.02 2013-11-25 1) Distinguish the basic and advanced settings 2) Match the partition images in the firmware directory automatically 3) Show the basic settings by default PRODUCTION and FLASH_ERASE are selected by default in advanced settings 4) Support the signed firmware Report error while the firmware is incomplete (missing public key or the signature file) Add verification process while matching the partition image Do not programmed if the firmware is incomplete 5) Upgrade self online 6) Update the Logo and help documentation

(Adfu drivers current version: 1.1.1309.4005)
- - - - - - - - -

For non-developers? (Better use a Developer Edition)


Pad End User Upgrade

- - - - - - - - -

For Linux

I. Download the firmware burning tool such as FWBurning Tool from:

wget In the command terminal, extract the archive file and install FWBurning Tool.
sudo tar -zxvf FWBurning_Tool_For_Linux_V1.0_01.tar.gz
cd FWBurning_Tool_For_Linux_V1.0_01
sudo ./FWBurningTool-1.0.runIII. Press and hold the software "ADFU" button, Connect to LeMaker Guitar via USB3.0/USB2.0 cable. When LeMaker Guitar is powered on, it will take about 6 seconds to enter ADFU mode. And then after it enters to the ADFU mode, we can release the software "ADFU" button. We can use the command "lsusb" to list the USB devices. If can't detects the USB device, please use the hardware "ADFU" button on core board to enter ADFU mode.
sudo lsusb
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 10d6:10d6 Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd
…IV. Write the .fw file into eMMC NAND Flash.
sudo python ./ --fw=[firmware_name].fw

Mirrors for above RUN files

Some code from for writing img files.

def GetDebugConfig():
Debug mode support ADFU only

cfg = [];
# fw should be the first
fw = ('fw', 'D:\\Firmware\\702A\\restart\\jellybean_atm7029_10_a_130515.fw');
#fw = ('fw', '/home/pcsw/Firmware/jellybean_atm7029_10_a_130515.fw');
# more configurations
cfg.append(('PRODUCTION', '1'));
cfg.append(('FLASH_ERASE', '1'));
cfg.append(('FLASH_READ_CHECK', '1'));
#cfg.append(('PARTITION', '1|0|1|IMG|\n1|1|IMG|D:\\Firmware\\702A\\restart\\rec.img\n2|1|IMG|D:\\Firmware\\702A\\restart\\misc.img\n3|1|IMG|D:\\Firmware\\702A\\restart\\system.img\n4|1|FMT\n5|1|FMT\n'));
#cfg.append(('PARTITION', '1|0|1|IMG|\n1|1|IMG|/home/pcsw/Firmware/rec.img\n2|1|IMG|/home/pcsw/Firmware/misc.img\n3|1|IMG|/home/pcsw/Firmware/system.img\n4|1|FMT\n5|1|FMT\n'));

#cfg.append(('LIB_PATH', sys.path[0] + str(os.sep)));

#for c in cfg:
# print c;
#print '';

return cfg;

script = '/home/pcsw/caihaiqun/PRODUCTION C++/MainCmd/bin/';
product = '/home/pcsw/caihaiqun/PRODUCTION C++/MainCmd/bin/';
Production(script, product, 0, 1);

- - - - - - - - -

(if it says "Nothing found" just reload the download page)
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Is anyone need help with Actions 7" pad generic atm7029B no brand. Wouldn't boot passed screen splash. So reflashed with stock.fw. Now no boot or battery symbol. Screen white or white with pale dot pattern or random rainbow colours. Tried lots.fw and flash 100% successfully. Tried all versions pad software no help. Can't get to reset. Can you help me. Thank you
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