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Hello,I hope someone can help me out to make this application working with ZT-180, first of all i found something useful from this thread]-apad-irobot-iphone-my-wi-3.html, they explain how you can switch between adhoc and infrastructure network using adhocable application and it works great on apad 7" android 1.5, i did the same thing with ZT-180, I have putted the required files into folder data/misc/wifi and install the adhocable application successfully, but then when i ran it the application send me an alert "cannot save configuration" or "cannot backup configuration" etc... and actually i can make this work by altering the content of wpa_supplicant.conf manually to support adhoc network but i have to replace and alter the file again and again, you can download the file from here and i use adb command to install and push all the files into folder on ZT-180.. anyone can help?? thanks.
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