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[quote name='Tarano;34328]I have flashed mine things that have improved' date=' the the phone stuff has been removed, video playback is better but still isn't good enough in my eyes extra apps are going all the crap we didn't need anyway. But for these few improvements the screen calibration is totally crap i have lost the touchscreen ability in the top left corner and it is about 25% less accurate i have checked in pointer location and compared the 2 updates 0804 en 0809 and somehow they calibrated it. I also looked into the settings but build number of 0809 is the same as the build number of 0804. I got the download link from here has anyone els got the same build number as 0804[/QUOTE']Yeah, i allso got the 0804 build number but they have done som changes. Sadly it seems like it is more unstable now. I agree, the touchscreen seems even more inaccurate now.
1 - 1 of 56 Posts
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