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Download page - http://www.zenithink...0A.php?download
ROM download -
Phoenix Suite 1.0.3 - http://www.zenithink....3_20121225.rar
Flashing Instructions -

9" C90A (1024MB+8GB) Android4.2 2013-11-07 Version

Android 4.2
Resource Update
  • Current version update:
  • This is first release for new C90A model.
The method of firmware installation for this model
Upgrading with PC via USB cable

  • 1. First download and install the PhoneixSuitV1.0.3.
  • 2. Then download the corresponding firmware file and extract it into a temporary folder.
  • 3. Open Phoneix Suit software, connect your tablet(power on status) with USB cable. After the tablet is successfully connected, select the Onekey-upgrading, and then select the corresponding firmware file, confirm your action.
Note: keep charged when the machine is being installed the firmware. Please see the detail procedure file (

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Thanks omarahum. I flashed this onto my Azpen A909 after I accidentally trashed its OS. Azpen didn't have firmware for the A909 on its website and its tech support doesn't respond to inquiries. So far, the Zenithink C90a firmware is working well.

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