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cheapsin;38301 said:
I recently purchased and recieved this: 10.2" Touch WiFi MID - 1GHz CPU - Android 2.1 Tablet PC - eBay (item 250677876983 end time Sep-03-10 21:38:50 PDT)I dont exactly know what it is is it an Apad or is it an Epad?1) SlideME is an app market, this is what you use to get apps (unless you simply download apps from websites)2) Apad and Epad are the same thing, it's just a labeling done by the sellers, you'll find that it's just a Zt-180 unit.3) What you want to look for is below where it says the root thing, there should be a string of numbers, which likely contains 0708 or 0804 toward the end of it. That will tell you your firmware version.Also, you should have an app installed already called Astro (it's an app manager which allows you to install/uninstall apps that are on your SD card).Not sure about the sd card problem. You're not the only person to complain about it though. What brand do you have and what is the size of it? I'm using a 2gb kingston and it works just fine.
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