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Ello to all i wannt a buy a N70 Model in Pandawill

And i Want a Know how i can update until the Last Android 4.1.1

I seein the web site this Update.

in that List[type+Function]&mov=1&i=5

And Pick this Option.

I it is thelast update for the N70 model right¿? (i dont know any chinesse)

plzz u can confirm that and teachme how i can update tho the last Androoid My Yuandao..¿?

thx for all.

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first of all, if you don't know Chinese use Google Translate. It is far from perfect, but far more understandable than the original.

So the upgrade procedure:
1. You downloaded a zip with some weird characters in the filename. Remove the weird characters and extract it. (It might not be necessary if Your unzip understands unicode.)
2. Using Windows Explorer (I prefer it as it understands the unicode characters) remove all the weird characters from the extracted file and directory names. Watch out for the RK30 directories and name them differently!
3. Locate RkBatchTool.exe. In the same directory open config.ini and change Selected to 2. Now RkBatchtool will open in English.
4. Enable USB debugging on the tab under Settings > Developer settings
5. Connect Your tab with the microusb cable.
6. Launch RkBatchTool.exe
7. It should show a purple square on the first position. Press 'Switch'. The tablet will switch to flash mode.
8. Windows will ask for drivers, You will find them in one of the RK30 directories.
9. The purple square should turn green.
10. Browse for the downloaded .img file in FW Path
11. Press Upgrade.
12. Wait for the upgrade to finish and the tablet to restart. First the FW download will be finished from the tool, than the tablet will restart and flash the downloaded firmware, than restart again and load the system. This could take a while (expect at least a few minutes).

That's it.
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