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Anyone else have problems with youtube not playin it jus buffers nonstop and i got pretty good wifi
I had this problem with Youtube HD on 0626 (turn HD off and the videos played fine); plays for a second, pauses, plays for another sec, etc.
Problem seems to have gone with 0705; plays smoothly now, though the video doesn't buffer (the buffer indicator on the play strip doesn't fill) so you can't skip through videos.

I'm pretty sure this problem is too folds - 1: the app isn't buffering properly, 2: 0626's wifi was f'ed; this I am sure as the transfer rate would drop to a trickle when the tab was plugged in to recharge.

Wifi's better on 0705 - fast enough to stream the videos in real-time anyway - but is still f'ed as leaving wifi active during sleep will drain the tab in just a few hours.
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