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[quote author=JediMindtrick link=topic=268.msg4570#msg4570 date=1275547847]Maybe there is something wrong with mine. I follow those instructions and it either keeps playing in a little box or comes up an error message saying video cannot be played or something like that. I have the apad with camera on the front. Rock chip. I dont understand why it wont work. Thanks anyway. :'([/quote]Same problem here, there is just no way I can get YT to display in fullscreen :(The "problem" is that the YT app uses the standard video player and NOT the rockchip video player, right?I don't know anything about tables or android, so bear with me if this a little "naive" ;)Could it be somehow possible to get rid of the standard video player and somehow replace it with the rockchip player? So that ALL videos are automatically played with rockchip player?I sure wouldn't know how to do this but there are a lot of smart people here
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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