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I think betolley if can post the files like ginderbread theme and other visual add-ons in the nodos rom so we can put this to newer factory roms to get same look and feel..
Copied from the gadgets and tablets forum, don't know if it works.

Original post by albert here: click
"When I installed the new Firmware 110221 I missed this black Theme and I successfully transferred the Theme to the new Fw.
To do this you will have to replace the whole content of the Folder "/system/framework" with the files from the Final NodusRom (replacing only "framework-res.apk" will not work).
You should backup the original files before overwriting them!
Fortunately I saved a Backup of this Folder from the NodusRom to my PC.

I transferred the Files from PC via USB using drag'n drop with "DroidExplorer" (PC-Software). You can also use adb or try to do it on your rooted Device with RootExplorer.
You should transfer "framework-res.apk" separately as the last file because your Device will get a little bit crazy with force-closes when you overwrite the file!
After rebooting your Device you should see the black Theme on your Homescreen."

Reply from dande:
"I have done some attempts myself without success.
In one of them I changed the battery but the new battery icon never appeared.
The rest attempts, I couldn't even boot.
Generally when you change "framework-res.apk" the first boot takes really long time to boot.
Most of the people think that something went wrong, pull out the battery and re flash the device.
So just to be sure that really didn't work you must wait at least half an hour in the loop during boot and giving a second attempt too."

I would not suggest it, but if someone wants to give it a try, here are the files:

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It works in A81G cap just fine.
In order to work it needs to port just services.jar and framework-res.apk.
Take care of the permissions though.
My main problem is the huge (enlarged buttons) changed in this theme which produce glitches.
I am looking a way to restore the original height and width of the buttons and of course a way to add circle battery with a percentage.

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i hope somebody out there can help me out.
first sorry for my english my home language is german .

i buyed an tablet pc on ebay ... of course im a woman and dont was thinking good bc i buyed it without any system on it . i thought it wouldnt be so hard . i downloaded android on the net but now i dont know what i have to do to get it on there . the sd mini chip i can push it in ... i mean it dont stay in ? is this normal for a new tablet pc ? i just hope that somebody out there can help me out. oh its a mid google tablet pc 7 zoll . i guess its out china .. but im not sure about that ...

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Hi, Nicole. A couple of things. I have never heard of a tablet that has no operating system on it and it is a bit confusing as to exactly what this tablet is. The 'mid' sounds like our midnite ones but not at all sure about the 'pc 7 zoll'.

Is there another one on ebay you could point us to? Where on the net did you download android from? The Android files must be the exact ones for a particular tablet.

Yes, the micro SD card is spring loaded and should stay in if carefully pressed in with something like a pencil tip or your nail.

PS your English is a LOT better than my German! Just a helpful tip, though, change buyed for bought. English is pretty quirky at times!! Hope you accept this in the spirit intended.

Hope we can help more.

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Witstech have the 10.1 version of flash available on their site,, the question is, did they optimize it for the WITS A81E or simply just make it available?

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can someone please advise if this works on capacitive model? I have flashed it without issue and boots fine though screen doesnt appear to work.

If it doesnt work can someone advise how to add the capacitive driver?

Thanks in advance!
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