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Yeeees, New Firmware with Android 1.8.2!

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In fact, it isn?t the old version of a month ago (1.7.4). IT WAS THE NEW VERSION RELEASED ON 9-AUG-2010:See with their own eyes!:Pioneer Computers & Notebooks - Products - DreamBook ePad & eBook - DreamBook ePad 7"-11" - DreamBook ePad 7/10
Is the default factory firmware (of the epad that is sold in Australia)
The releaser says:Go faster with Pioneer Computers latest version of Android 1.8.2. R&D team in Sydney has built 1.8.2 version of Android in-house for ePad series for months, with better video performance, increase in battery life, better Android applications download, improved YouTube stability. and much more. Upgrade available from 9-Aug 2010.
So Pioneer Computers's Dreambook is basically the Flytouch. Interesting. Would love to hear more reviews from others on how this 1.8.2 fairs before installing - ie. working youtube, market etc.
Can someone post this ROM somewhere? Downloading it from the FTP at 2.5KB per sec.
I am mirroring the file now, the remote server is slower than garbage.
[quote name='MasterX;35488]I am mirroring the file now' date=' the remote server is slower than garbage.[/QUOTE'] Indeed. And the worst part is that i already downloaded the file 5 times and everytime is corrupted. If you can mirror it it would be great!
now you have me worried the estimated 5 hour download will end in failure, its a pity pioneer doesnt know how to run good download servers
[quote name='MasterX;35515]now you have me worried the estimated 5 hour download will end in failure' date=' its a pity pioneer doesnt know how to run good download servers[/QUOTE'] Wish you luck i havent got it hahahahaha.
Someone tried it? It's different from the ones that are posted on this same forum?
So Marcelo can you share it with us then, the FTP doesn't quite work Thanks
does anyone know if the market is included and post the mirror link pleaseSent from my SlateDroid 1.3 using Tapatalk
just downloaded it, the response is awesome, the camera is back, the home button works again, the volume buttons are back there is no app store or market, the battery is about the same. great work besides those two, this is how it should have came
nice android boot up animation...screen orientation not automatic (?)a little bit slower than 1.8 stripped, other function not tested yet.
Using FlashGet to download from and getting speed of 12-15kb/sec. Much faster but still requires 3hrs+...................
1 - 20 of 81 Posts
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