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Witstech needs to get some distribution outside of China. The Augen Gentech is being sold hand-over-fist in the US despite being a crappad, the Wits can hardly do worse.I'd imagine the Kmart buyer right now is scouring his suppliers to expand on Kmart tablet selection, given the giant buzz the Gentech is getting. Heck, the PR value of getting on all the major news sites (for free!) was alone with the money. Wits needs to find some English salespeeps and pound the pavement for distribution deals.It would be nice to see it in a Walmart, but it wouldn't be bad to be able to buy it from major online merchants like Amazon or Newegg.Before that, though, Wits needs to stabilize the firmware and make it production-worthy, unless it wants a load of returns on its hands.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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