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cutterjohn;29257]The difference being that this is like worth $200 given that they appear to be ACTIVELY updating(well I hope that they end up with a stable Android OS some day) said:
The only reason that I really ignored them earlier was because this one only sported a 600MHz Cortex while the ZT-180s were all claiming 1GHz Cortex before they got caught out... well that and their OS update plans seemed a bit sketchy a few weeks ago...I've been looking at their(witstech) chinese forum with machine translation(seems to be working pretty well there MOST of the time until we get some of those funkiness like dragon wing somethings or others... and stuff like that...)(I kind of of did this because I was still thinking about the A81 E and know that Chinese can be pretty nasty if they've been sold a PoS... plus the important(tech) boards seemed to be pretty active..)[/EDIT]
dont even consider the augen it is a pos. for the 60 or so bucks more i think this is the way to go
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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