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WMA playback confirming working in a PDN (7/18/10 firmware and hacked)

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I was starting to think that WMA was not possible, but I've confirmed that does work with at least one media application - "yxplayer" ( was reading that the codec might be in the device firmware itself, so I had almost given up. This yxplayer is a trial btw (and pretty awful, overall) - but as least this means that other applications could, in theory, support WMA.
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yxplayer plays xvids and divx great bro, that program is far from awful as you state
I tried the video portion and wasn't very impressed - two XVID AVI's and a few MP4's, but granted I didn't test too heavily (I will try a few more XVID's). And it doesn't play OGG Vorbis, so that was a big negative for me. Rockplayer seems to be just as good, if not better, with the XVID's I've tested so far.EDIT: i just tried another XVID and a DivX file. the XVID (640x480 29.97fps) was unwatchable and the DivX file (352x288 25fps) was very choppy, maybe 10fps at best. Rockplayer is a tad better with them, but not by much -- do you happen to have any tips on improving the device output? I already have the CPU freq up to at least 266 Mhz. Thanks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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