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I jumped into the Android tablet world last week (spoilt for choice bough both an Eken M001 and a Witstech A81-E :) because my HTC Desire made me fall head over heels for the li'l green robot. Biggest problem I've found is the lack of access to the Market and having to physically attach my tablet to my PC to put anything on it (apk's, media, ...). I can get all Market apk's easily by installing the app on my Desire and backing it up as an apk on my SD and but that doesn't solve the issue to send the apk file to my tablet.There's a (literally) awesome work-around though and I thought I'd share it with the slate community: check out Awesome Drop. You install an app on your tablet (might only work for Android v2.1 - I've only tested it on my Witstech) and from then on you can just use a (HTML5 compatible) browser, go to, set up a session between the Dashwire server and your tablet by giving a four figure code (it's much easier then it sounds) and drop any file(s) from your PC into the browser, which then get synched straight to your tablet.Sending an apk of 2Mb takes about 10 seconds; I wouldn't try if for very large files but it's a great way to quickly put files on your tablet. In fact when you've set up a session you'll stay logged in until you either close the app on your tablet or close the browser window on your PC, so you don't need to keep the tablet near you at all.Anyhoo, I thought I'd share that tip with my fellow Slatedroid'ers ;)I'd like to share the apk via the Download section but I don't seem to have the rights to create a thread there. I'm sure that anyone who's tinkering with Android slates will be able to find the apk somewhere, online. If you want me to send the apk, feel free to PM me.
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