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Window managers

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hi.I would know what window manager do you use with debian on are the alternatives i propose,(some i am testing now):using as a normal pc box:------------------------------------1)my pc-server box is a pentium 2 with debian icewm + rox file manager.It is increibly fast but it seem adapt better for pc screens.2)Other option i am trying now is use ratpoison ,a keyboard-only window manager.,This is great if configurate the strokes with touch control/mouse (xblindkeys).It seems a great opcion for tablet devices.I am playing with it on other pc.when i have a good configuration i will install on my eken linux.My main problem is i can not use a virtualkeyboard on it (i dont know why)3)using GPE /gnome portable.In debian has no many packages.I did:apt-get install gpe gpe-mininet gpe-conf gpe-appmgr.I am trying to configure it.Use matchbox as window manager.4)Illume enlightenment IllumePros:you can use a lot of programscons:they are built thinking on pc with keyboard...------------pda/tablet oriented distros/window manager;5)Opie .It would be great.The problem doesnt use X-window and the touchscreen drivers we have are for x-windows no framebuffer.6)Poky linuxPoky Platform Buildermaybe will be better using other distro diferent to debian,oriented to small/portable devices would be an option (adding also touchscreen)openmokoMain Page - OpenmokoamstrongThe ?ngstr?m Distribution | Embedded power
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I would like to see someone do something with e17.
My build is using matchbox wm. Please please please make a build with another UI and distribute. That ubuntu UI looks awesome, but unfortunately Ubuntu does not support our old ARM version. Also, the m001 is really light on processing power. Even lxde ran a bit slow for me.
Hi jacob, i will try to make some other wm implemented inside, but i had problem getting touchscreen to work as good as on your matchbox version. I also tested dpad and g-sensor using modules from 1.9.0, we should be able to remap dpad and even use g-sensor, but i don't know, where to do this.
xfce4 supports good matchbox wm.. should give a try.. i worked on demoboards with arm9 cpu and it ran decently
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I agree, xfce4 is good and I already tried it in m001, it works well, but needs more resources than lxde. May be with more optimized base system it would be good. Have anybody tried to port emdebian? I was looking for some other window managers, but matchbox is probably the best solution for touchscreen operation. I tried to install some GPE programs, which are based on matchbox, and they are really good and optimized for touch operation. They need some additional configuration to be perfect.
Fluxbox would be sweet and fast on these M001's! Drools I still run Fluxbox on my old panasonic Toughbook P166 and it flies. I bet these Tablets would fly in fluxbox wish I could post a pic but I have 4 more days. Dang im a noob!*Update after many days of waiting I can post a pic
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I have installed GPE - it's the same as a matchbox. Matchbox - WM for GPE
. Nothing intresting. But it has virtual keyboard.

I have installed IceWM. And it's looks and works nice. But I can't see keyboard anywere.

Thinking about when I can get it
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