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Here is a updated Windows CE from me :)Changelog:*Optimized file size on all images.*Changed wallpapers to Windows 7 wallpapers :)*Better calculator application*Skype*Youtube that works*Photoviewer with slide functionality[DOWNLOAD ROM]Instructions:Extract the file to your harddrive, then copy to your SD card, make sure "SCRIPT" is the directory in root of the SD card.Put the SD card into your M001 unit and press the power button.When you are prompted to remove the SD card, take the card out of the unit and hold powerbutton until device shuts down.Press power button and start up the device.For the touchscreen calibration, press and hold your favourite stylus on the target for about 1 second and then release it, continue to do so until calibration is finished.To get past calibration screen where it says "press enter" just do a single tap on screen(doesnt matter where) with your stylus, and your calibration settings are saved.enj0y :)
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