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WinCE on epad

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Has anyone installed WinCE for epad? I tried all the firmware, none of them work. The closest is probably for the M003. There is no problem to return to the Android 1.8.2, so you can try. Epad I have is no name, but it certainly is epad.
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I have it working on mine but still no touch screen or wifi. I'm trying to find a source for those drivers. I did find a way around the both issues using a usb mouse and wifi. The firmware I found that does work is from: WonderMedia WM8505 :: Windows CE recovery files for WM8505-based netbooks. - select vt8505software.rarThat firmware is for a netbook but it was only one I could find. I tried using hopelessness's firmware but it just will not boot for me. I do have a copy of windows ce6 embedded which I'm working on getting installed so i can tried to build a image for mine. I just don't have the time, 5 kids tends to take up a lot of time. It might be that I'll have to open up Hopelessness's image and pull the drivers from there. I have yet to find anything useful on the internet.
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