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[WinCE] Hopelessness Edition FINAL (New release 2nd Feb 2012)

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I will not be held responsible for any damage done to your device. Flashing this ROM is at your own risk. Ensure your device is plugged in throughout the flashing process to prevent damage.

Windows CE Hopelessness Edition custom ROM

Instructions: Extract (using 7-zip), the .zip file. Copy the 'script' folder to a blank SD card. Turn off your slate, and insert the SD card. Turn it on, and leave it until you are prompted to remove the SD card and press OK. Hold the power button down until the device turns off, then turn it on again, wait for the screen calibration tool and follow the onscreen instructions.

Replaced boot and shutdown screens
Tweak pack 1
Stripped applications
Includes Pocket Word, Inkwrite, Putty, YouTube, FoxitReader, WinRar, Core player.
Some unused files removed

Added battery driver (Thanks to JimBeam)
More files removed
Added tweaks pack 2

Screenshots (0.2b):

Added better keyboard option

Integrated registry tweaks into images
Added default screen calibration data and widened allowed range

Attempted to fix version issues
Made it work for my own personal project!

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Any luck with screen rotation yet, please?
That sounds nice, would be quite nice to have both systems on an SD card and be able to dual boot.BTW, any progress on screen rotation yet, please? Its the only thing thats currently holding me from trying WinCE out on my M002.
In my opinion WinCE cannot be a winner unless screen rotation works in it. Besides, thanks to unbelievable work of Android ROM developers here, it is now possible to underclock the tablets and get up to 2 hours of extra battery life, which is quite significant. It is a shame that everybody focuses on Android and only Hopelessness works on WinCE, but right now WinCE is too far behind Android. It may be fast, but sometimes speed does not equal usability. I think this is the case.I only wish Hopelessness had more luck with getting things to work, but I believe he along with WinCE took a serious blow when the underclocking has been worked out. Im not sure if it can be achieved on WinCE, but Im afraid its too distant to make it any time soon.
Sorry if this question is duplicate, but if I flash my M002 with CE, can I revert it back to Android in case I need to? Havent found any answers to that (though I saw the question being asked).
Great, thank you. I will try it on my oldie and see if the touchscreen works. If it doesnt, it will be kind of useless.
But if it could make reading PDFs bearable (in Android loading pages takes just way too long on my M002), it would be awesome.

EDIT: Well, the installation was quite fast (a minute at most) and system response is amazing. Touchscreen is working perfectly on my model, wi-fi had no problem connecting to my network. Trying to download Foxit Reader now to check the PDF performance (which I expect to be poor of course, but there is only so much a weak hardware can do).

EDIT2: Tested the PDF. Not exactly smooth, but way, way faster than Android. I think I found a new use of my tabbie.
I dont know how to thank you enough, Mr. Hopelessness. So far the OS seems awesome. Wi-fi works, touchscreen works, USB connection to PC works, SD cards work, sound works too. Hats off to you.

I will toy with it further and if you wish, I will let you know what I dislike (but I know you said you wouldnt develop the OS any further).
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Uhm, is there any free PDF reader for WinCE, please? Foxit is cool, but it costs 20 bucks, otherwise it shows an "unregistered" nag that takes just enough space to prevent fitting a page on the screen.

EDIT: Well, tested remote desktop connection and result is that with a decent network/internet connection, you can turn your M001 into a slightly slower desktop computer with Windows 7, if you wish.
The application is responsive and the only thing that slows me down is the network latency. Obvious downside is that you need another computer running and worthy network connection, but it can solve your problems in many situations (like reading PDF, with remote control you can read any PDF very decently, no matter how graphically intensive the PDF is).
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If you happen to find some good app source for Windows CE, let us all know, please. I find it terribly difficult to find any working software.
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