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WinCE applications

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Now WinCE with the help of this forum is running fine on my M003, time it investigate applications.In the downloads here is an archive with WinCE applications. I am testing some of it. So whats your experience with WinCE apps?What works for me is:- the IE browser (no flash so no Youtube)- TMPCP media player. Fine for video (convert video down to mp4 320x240) and mp3- the image viewer for slideshows- i did not try msn yet, but assume it worksThe Youtube app does not work, it tries to activate TMPCP with an invalid What I am looking for is:- a better browser, tab based fast javascript engine, ideally capable of showing Youtube, flash (yea, I am dreaming ;) ), e.g. webkit based- a photoframe app, not only a slideshow, showing time and date- a more capable audio player- skype with an external webcam/mike- ebook reader for pdf, lit, txt and whatever format availableAny ideas, links, advice?
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[quote name='desmo;22884]I have no problems with [URL=applications:use]applications:use[/URL] Iris as the browser and is much better than IE' date=' even if the web browsing I still think it's best android (obviously forgotten flash, I do not know js)youtube works, although I prefer the fullscreen version 1.7.4 slatedroidmsn works very well, indeed much lighter and faster versions of Android.applications? there is another discussion forum, for the rest, I can not find almost anything ... If you find some decent friends do not forget;)[/QUOTE'] Where did you find iris?Thanks.
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