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WiFi problem

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HiI got mine A-Pad about a week ago. I'm having a problemwith the WiFi, it doesn't work after starting device. It's notthe Router, I tried to connect at several locations with no luck.If, I do a Factory Reset the A-Pad find the network, and I'mconnected to the Internet, If I turn off A-Pad & restart it, it will connect. When I turn off device over night, and start it the following dayit can't find the network must do other Factory Reset. Another wayI can connect if I go to Router setting, and change from G to B,Gand save. Then A-Pad find network? Is anyone have is problem orsomething similar?I'm leaning toward a Software problem, because once connected itdoesn't drop off. I hope a firmware might fix problem?I don't know if I should return it.Regards
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Hi All, i too am having a problem with the Wi-fi on my Apad/iRobot. I purchased mine from and i received it just last week. According to the packaging, it was sent directly from Shenzhen, China. Since i first booted the Apad i've had problem with the Wi-fi. The Wi-fi would randomly work, but mostly not work. As i write this, the Wi-fi will not 'start' altogether.When i go to Settings>Wireless Control>Wi-fi, i touch the screen to turn on the Wi-fi. It would show 'turning on...' but after a few seconds, it'll say 'unable to start wi-fi'. Within the last few days, i would try rebooting the Apad and enabling Wi-fi, and after a few reboots, i'll somehow get lucky and the Wi-fi will work. It's great when it works as i can connnect to wireless routers at work and at home. Today, the Wi-fi would simply not work.Philip of MeriMobiles has responded to my request for assistance and he's been prompt with possible solutions. He instructed me to flash the unit with a firmware update following the link to this site. I successfully did that but it didn't fix the Wi-fi issue. Next, he instructed me to reconfigure Regulatory Domain settings to '14'... and that didn't work either. I've emailed Philip back requesting a replacement unit.
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