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WiFi problem

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HiI got mine A-Pad about a week ago. I'm having a problemwith the WiFi, it doesn't work after starting device. It's notthe Router, I tried to connect at several locations with no luck.If, I do a Factory Reset the A-Pad find the network, and I'mconnected to the Internet, If I turn off A-Pad & restart it, it will connect. When I turn off device over night, and start it the following dayit can't find the network must do other Factory Reset. Another wayI can connect if I go to Router setting, and change from G to B,Gand save. Then A-Pad find network? Is anyone have is problem orsomething similar?I'm leaning toward a Software problem, because once connected itdoesn't drop off. I hope a firmware might fix problem?I don't know if I should return it.Regards
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teknofreaker;16644 said:
Problem solved. I just had to set my router to broadcast the SSID and it worked
Does anyone know if it is possible - with the stock firmware, one of the official firmwares, or with a custom (and which one?) firmware - to use Wifi with a non-broadcast SSID? I can get my Android 1.5 cellphone connected to my router with hidden SSID as the wireless options allow for it as an option (so it knows not to bother looking for that network, just attempt to connect).Turning off "hidden SSID" isn't really a desirable option for me - I will if I have to, but would really prefer a software solution to connect to hidden networks. In part because my home network isn't the only hidden wifi router I connect to on a regular basis, and I doubt my friends will turn on broadcast SSID just for me when I'm there. Any ideas?
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