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Wifi on, won't scan

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When the PDN wakes from sleep, wifi turns on but just displays for my network "Not in range, remembered". Turning wifi off/on doesn't help. Doing a scan from menu does not help. If I power off and then on, wifi works fine. I am running 7_24 firmware. Is this the problem?
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Are you rushing right in to try these things or letting it wait 30 sec or so? I find you can rush it too much..
It sometimes takes up to a minute or so before it connects to the access point and authenticates to it.
I reported this a week ago on 07_24 FW. The scanning of NEW wifi AP is broken and a reboot is necessary. For APs that has already been recognized, the re-connection rate from sleep is about 50:50. Sometimes, I have no problems in reconnecting, other times, a reboot is necessary to "find" the APs. Probably that is why 07_24 has been pulled from PD website. Still the benefits from 07_24 outweight the wifi scanning issues. IME, the wifi lock-on reliability after it find an AP is far better than the old FW.
The completely-unreliable/unpredictable-wifi situation (all firmwares to date, really) is the biggest problem I have with the PDN, way above all else. Relatively speaking, the PDN has no other problems, given the hugeness of the wifi issue for me. I just don't get how something so basic--and essential, really--to the device can be so utterly broken. :(And I'm also talking about the hidden-SSID bug, which I know is a general Android issue and not PD's fault... The fact that THAT remains unresolved by Google is all the more bizarre. Do all Android devices have issues connecting to hidden SSIDs? The enabler .apk has never worked for me on the PDN, btw.
I posted this in a different thread but more relevant here: My PDN will connect sporadically at best. For example: Panera bread, Starbucks, fine. Ironcially, can connect to WiFi in B&Noble (via Starbucks) but then can't connect to their website (the tech in store said he has seen a large number of PDN attempts, all failed) But when i attempt to use the Verizon MiFi, it "sees" the signal but wont' connect (connected ok on 7_18 firmware but not on 7_24 .... darnit). I agree with earlier posting... bad WiFi could be the deal killer.One last question to throw out... I have about 100 songs on the SD card, but when i pull up my song list,,, it will only display one screen full, and no others can be found... any suggestions? Any one? Bueller...?
While we're complaining about wifi, a related question: has anyone estimated the speed of the native PDN card? I know it's rated at 802.11n, but I can't tell from my router what the connection speed is (I've got an 11n router, and several devices that connect at 300Mbps). I think tonight I'll install the Speedtest app and see what happens. In the meantime, I've been running a wifi widget on the PDN that rates the speed of the connection. Guess what??? It reports 53kBps...NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!! :mad:-Matt
I have 7_18 firmware (never upgraded to 7_24) and the horrible problem with wifi connectivity is what kills the PDN for me. After sleep, it just scans and scans and never connects. After reboot, it takes forever. It's really a shame because other than this problem, I really like it. So much for buying the PDN as gifts.
The wifi alone is the dealbreaker for my wife in particular. I think she'd use the hell outta the thing if she could easily get online with it. Then again, so would I.
(I do read a lot of books on it, but I don't do _anything_ 'Net-related at home due to the hiddenSSID problem.)
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This is still an issue even with hack, it will come on if I interrupt sleep with in 15 or 20 min or so and that is 50/50 any longer though it is guaranteed that the wifi will not wake it wont even scan. This is huge and Im really surprised not more or even most people are upset or irritated by this. I had to search the threads to find this one and the last entry is over a week ago, did someone find a solution? Only some what good thing is when I do reboot it finds and connects to the wifi instantly, but let it sleep for 15 minutes and i have to start all over again. Thanks.
I found a way that wakes my wifi up, I started a thread I hope it helps I have been testing it this afternoon and so far so good have not had to reboot. here is the thread,
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