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WiFi File Sharing over FTP?

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I've tried On_Air_WiFi_Disk and WiFi-File-Explorer-PRO and neither get the job done.With On_Air (made for macs) the SD card mounts in the computer's Finder, but when I open it there's a flash of the directory contents which disappears and the SD unmounts.WiFi_File_Explorer interacts with an FTP client on your desktop computer (I tried FireFTP on my Firefox browser) which reads up a directory (which at least doesn't disappear) that cannot be interacted with - just hangs/freezes when you try to move anything to or from the SD. I picked up SwiFTP, and had even worse luck, couldn't even see the PDN. All three seem to be passive FTP servers. Is it a permissions thing, security issue, or I'm using the wrong programs and there's something more compatible? Please don't tell me it just can't be done and I'm lucky to have gotten as far as I did. I'd rather hear the problem is between the chair and the keyboard.Also looked at AndFTP, a client not just a server, which looks more involved than I would hope to have to deal with since I'd have to set up a server elsewhere on my network. The click and forget of the first 3 apps I tried seem ideal, but aren't working for me ... yet.Your input is appreciated.
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Do you need FTP and just a wireless connection?The webshareing app in the download area WebShare - Downloads - SlateDroid - The BIGGEST Android Tablet Forum on the Web!Works for me on M003 and GT78.See Wiki for guide and screen shots Use WebShare app to transfer Files - Wiki
The Webdav also works for me in windows 7 x64. Need to write that up for the wiki. It makes the /sdcard a type of network share.
Thanks folks for the responses, very helpful. I fiddled with my market sync (turned it off) and a couple of other background gremlins and wifi settings, and after a reboot ALL of the wifi file sharing programs work now.I have no clue what actually fixed the problem, but as I suspected it was certainly user errorI can report that On-Air is the simplest to use for Mac users, but if you want a stable connection your PDN is useless as this great big red eye looks at you like something out of 2001 A Space Odyssey. Being web browser based, WiFi-File-Explorer-PRO is more awkward and you can't drag-n-drop or get-info, but it's designed to run in background and you've got more control over your connection preferences.Likewise, the file Mogrith linked above, Nextapp.Websharing is browser based, has a great GUI and appears it will run in background - but I had trouble getting a solid connection. The device and remote browser linked up but I couldn't get a directory list. I probably need to read the instructions on the side of the box (and the wiki) more closely beyond hitting the "ignore" button when it says there's a connection problem. If I can get it up and running it no doubt will be my preferred file server app.Thanks again, hope my mini review helps someone.
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I use SwiFTP and it works perfectly...
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