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Wi-Fi is partly hardware partly software issue. I fixed the hardware part by opening the tablet and replacing the molded WiFi cable by something from E-bay.

Really the WiFi antenna of the first production batch is very low quality.
I replaced it with this antenna from ###########, 290628122089= object number. #### = E B A Y.

Then for some time there were this crappy stock firmwares and custom firmwares of CT. (CM 10 is really for smartphones).
Anyway now the SDK 3.2 firmwares are out and that really boosted everything of the tablet.

First with phoenix update to stock firmware to SDK 3.2. Name of the file is: a31_ainol_novo906fc_lx_3.2_1.5_v1
Fastest mirror is:

After that with phoenix update to xcalibur custom firmware. This one has SuperUser, Root and TWRP pre-installed for you.

Finally really the best customer firmware I have ever found for this Firewire tablet is the Iron customer firmware. This 1 you need to isntall via TWRP. Please search on Internet how to install firmwares with TWRP.

After these steps your Firewire tablet will be a monster tablet. UN freeking BELIEVABLE.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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