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It's quite simple: many times there came questions up how to handle something which may even have nothing to do with Android or Tablets.

In many cases there infos needed which will helps to solve problems on an easy way and complicated as well.

The last few day's I was try to get some of my old USB-Sticks back to work instead of buying new one because of the problems with flood in Thailand and special in my area. Most of that USB Stick had damaged MBR's which were not so to fix on normal way's. In my sreach I came across an older Software tool called MbrFix which was done the job on an easy way.

MbrFix is made for Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 and Windows PE. Both 32-bit and 64-bit x64 editions are supported.

The program need to run from a Command Window using the following commands from command line:

  • MbrFix /drive <num> driveinfo Display drive information
  • MbrFix /drive <num> drivesize Returns drive size in MB as return value
  • MbrFix /drive <num> listpartitions Display partition information
  • MbrFix /drive <num> savembr <file> Save MBR and partitions to file
  • MbrFix /drive <num> restorembr <file> Restore MBR and partitions from file
  • MbrFix /drive <num> fixmbr {/vista|/win7} Update MBR code to W2K/XP/2003, Vista or Win7
  • MbrFix /drive <num> clean Delete all partitions on the selected disk
  • MbrFix /drive <num> readsignature {/byte} Read disk signature from MBR
  • MbrFix /drive <num> writesignature <hex> Write disk signature to MBR
  • MbrFix /drive <num> generatesignature Generate disk signature in MBR
  • MbrFix /drive <num> readstate Read state from byte 0x1b2 in MBR
  • MbrFix /drive <num> writestate <state> Write state to byte 0x1b2 in MBR
  • MbrFix /drive <num> readdrive <startsector> <sectorcount> <file> Save sectors from drive to file
  • MbrFix /drive <num> /partition <part> fixbootsector <os> Update Boot code in boot sector
  • MbrFix /drive <num> /partition <part> getpartitiontype Get partition type
  • MbrFix /drive <num> /partition <part> setpartitiontype <typenum> Set partition type
  • MbrFix /drive <num> /partition <part> setactivepartition Set active partition
  • MbrFix /drive <num> getactivepartition Get active partition
  • MbrFix volumeinformation driveletter Get volume information for partition
  • MbrFix flush {driveletter(s)} Flush files to disk for partition
  • MbrFix listpartitiontypes List partition types
Drive numbering <num> starts on 0.
Partition numbering <part> starts on 1.

Commands restorembr, fixmbr, generatesignature, writestate, clean, setactivepartition and fixbootsector will ask for confirmation unless /yes is included. All these commands may lead to data loss if used incorrectly or without intention.

If the /byte option is given for the readsignature command, the signature is returned as a byte array instead of as a DWORD. Writesignature requires the new signature to be specified as 8 hex digits.

If /vista is used with the fixmbr command, a Windows Vista MBR is written, if /win7 is used, a Windows 7 MBR is written instead of the default Win2000/XP/2003 MBR. The Vista or Win7 MBR should work with the other OS'es.

The program could be used for USB/Flash drives and Memory Cards as well.

The compressed .zip file contains a 32bit and 64bit version of the program. Please download from here: MbrFix

If some member has also useful software and softwaretools, please feel free to post them here with an link to the program for to download.

I use as free File Storage LocalhostR ( which has an easy Widget for to simplify the procedure. The Widget you could download from here: LocalhostR Widget
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