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Why are you closing the ZT180 Threads?

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I presented information that was beneficial to the community. Instead of banning the user that has been spamming misinformation in the thread, you guys opt to end all discussion?There needs to be continued discussion on this topic because not everything has been cleared up. But the spammers spreading misinformation should be stopped
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I closed them because conversation was getting way out of hand. Give me today to clean up some loose ends (ie. banning some people) and then I will allow a single thread to be opened (I will open it because I want to make it clear that any unruly behaviour will get you banned).Look on the bright side, although there remains some stuff to clear up yet, you've helped make sure a hell of a lot of people weren't ripped off. Thank you :)Anyway, I will take a look at this when I get home (around 2100 GMT I'm afraid).
Mike, idi suda. Is a thread about the ZT180 needed? They say the Zenithink is a fake, so, what for all these discussions? Are there any other tablet/netbooks mounting that processor?Paka
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Never mind, looks like you've already done it.
It wasn't me.Oh and good job on banning those spammers, but response should really have been faster. If they are really from Orphan, Chinagrabber and apad tv, this company is a scam. Orphan does nothing but rebrand in the first place. The practice is accepted in China, but those guys are really pushing it.
I apologise for that, but I'm unable to monitor SlateDroid 24/7 and it required a little bit of investigation before I banned them which is why I had to wait until I was at home and free.Regardless, it looks like you've done a great job on letting people know about this so I thank you. Conversation in that thread also turned a lot more civil after the bans which is good. Interestingly the IPs were linked to other accounts on the forum which were more reputable and had numerous posts. I'll be keeping a watchful eye on them...
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