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I have been looking for information on this the Pandigital Novel and it is on sale at JcPenneys online only. not much info on other stats. What they do say is it has 1gb internal memory to store media and as SD slot for an SD card up to 32gb. It says you can surf the web but says nothing of the resources that help you go about this like RAM. Many of the articles also say you can install applications but do not mention where you would acquire these with no mention of any Android Market connectivity. Main question that never is answered is which Android firmware. And strange it has an audio 2.5 connection. Also no mention of typle of touch screen. This is on JcPenneys website yet I get more information from Chinese websites. Anyone else have been looking at this? It does sound interesting I wouldn't mind getting one but I want to know more.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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