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where to buy a android tablet in NYC ?

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i will be there in novenber and i want to bring one home, i just found the Archos Tablet at bestbuy, but i was wondering if is possible to find other manufactures ?thanks in advance!
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if you do go the craigslist route be VERY sure of what you are buyingthere is a guy here in orlando that advertises on CL but only takes ADVANCE orders for them, so you give him $160 then he order 10 at a time every friday.challenge is he doesnt know much about what he is ordering.I asked him for soem very specific quotes on specififc configurations, but then I had to explain to him what I was talking about.Then there IS a guy in akeland who runs a camera/electronics store in a mall and he is selling them left and right, only problem is they are ALL Eken 001's which for most folks arent worth the plastiic they are made of.if you can find an Augen in Kmart BUY one. I bought one for my wiife and have been AMAZED at how great (with a little work) this device is for the $j
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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