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Okay, some questions/comments and suggestions (hopefully out of all this you may find your solution):Are you leaving the device plugged into a/c power? If not, I think the screen will shut off no matter what apps/settings you are using. Also, I don't believe there is and Android setting for screen always on.Apps to try: Screen On (I found it using SlideMe, if you can't find it let me know, I'll post) - It's supposed to leave the screen on and keep it from going to sleep no matter what. Didn't work for me as my Novel random goes into sleep mode while I'm using it. :mad:Advanced Task Killer (available in my archive, apps section of forum) - With ATK, when you long press a running app you get a pop up with an option to "Switch To". Maybe this will return to your FTP app in the current state (uploading).Bar Control (also available in archive) - Lets you add a shortcut to any app to the notifications bar, will probably give you the same problem you mentioned, but worth a shot.Last note, when the device goes into sleep mode (at least on mine with the older firmware) the wifi shuts off which I would imagine breaks your ftp connection and gives you the connect screen when you get back to that app?Hopefully something there will help you!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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