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I hate having to download these apps over and over when I do a firmware buRn. Where does it store the apk files when u download them? Or does it just download a temp file and install and delete it?sorry if this js a noo ie android question. I am a pc tech from 3o yrs now.thanks dave
You've gotten the answer as to the /data/app folder, but if you want to back these up so you won't have to download them again, the simpliest scheme is to use Astro File Manager as it has a handy App backup feature. It will back up all (non-system) apps to a /backup/ directory on your SD card. There you can do what you want with them as they are the .apk files.

What I like about Astro is it keeps the files as std apk files, but you can also use Titanium, and it's a far more powerful tool, but it stores your backups in a compressed (proprietary?) form, so it's not quite as handy.
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