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Here's mine. ECOTOX v1.1.1My HTC Magic phone with a 528MHz ARM6 processor, got a score of 2.38. This make it more clear that the M001 is doing about 300MHz. I did not at any point get a score that would put the M001 at the 350MHz some have claimed. So cross-multiplying to find the M001 processor speed yields: 1.336 (M001 score) * 528 (MHz of HTC Magic) / 2.38 (HTC Magic score) = 296MHz (ish) (My Nexus One phone - 1GHz + JIT - on Android v2.2, scores over 37.0 compared to the M001's 1.336) The M001 is relatively slow, but in absolute terms it's 300MHz (or even 350MHz) would appear to me to be just fast *enough*
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