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What tablet should I get next ?

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Im looking for something with more than 128mg and a better cpu then the via but thats about it, not really bothered about screen size Im good with the 7 inch screen size.Price wise, cheapish as I would be doing dev work on it and so if I brick it I wont be to annoyed.Thoughts....
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The new Arm 11 apads (TCC8902Based) are what I hope will be a new base level of ram/cpu. Android 2.1 or 2.2I'm waiting for versions that are 800x600 or 1024x600. But these I think will be more mid to high prices with a rockchip device being the low end.Exactly which one depends on budget and if you are buying today, next 90 days or farther out.the PDN or GT78 are available right now. more in a few weeks
The Cruz Tablet looks promising. It has a capacitive touch and 512 MB of RAM. That the one I am targeting right now. You probably want to wait until they release the processor spec (I know I am) but I assume its going to be at least an ARM 11 thats on par with the TCC9802's. not bad considering you getting it for $299.
As I really want it to experiment/dev with I would like to your comparisions of via vs rockchip and the effects have 128mg vs 256mg RAM, also Android 1.5 how much of hindrence is this to the apad ?
Hi Roger. Sorry to resurrect an untouched thread, but it's not SO ancient that it's 100% necro-posting. Anyway... Have you considered the A81/MIDNite? I got one a couple of weeks ago, and it simply flies. This is what I was hoping for in an Android tablet. It's a little small, though. However, the size does make it more portable. I just need to stuff into a cargo pocket, vs. hauling my M003 around in a sleeve. My A81 does come with a soft case, but I rarely use it. Sadly, I got one without a GPS (thought I'd save $15), and now I'm sorry I did, cuz I really want that functionality. Working on a 3rd party solution, ATM, because I like to tear things apart. :)Anyway, just curious about whether you've thought about this device.
Incidentally, we actually promote necroing rather than re-threading. Thank you for raising the dead, rather than crowding out the living.
I agree I have had 3 tablets, Firstview (no support from the company), Apad( sleek but just lacked something), and now a Wits a81e.I really like this device it is quick, it had 256 ram and 800 MHz processor. I know the AOS is a bit buggy but i have faith in the community.I did get the GPS and have played alittle but I am looking for better software. Google maps works but i will need something with maps on the sd or you have to have a cell with a wifi hotspot.
mogrith;59821 said:
Try MapDroyd | SlideME free the pay version is NavDroyd | SlideMEOffline open street view maps.
Thanks im trying the mapdroyd,seems ok so farsorry for the highjack, not my intent.
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