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what should i buy

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looking at all the slates out there was looking at the m800 but when I'm on most sites there are loads others i think i would prefer one with windows o/s as don't know what google o/s is like can anyone tell me the best one to get as i don't know much about them thanks
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New to forum. I am thinking of getting the Zenithink ZT280 C91 very soon, and if I get to like the android OS will prob get the new Asus transformer in June ?
Dave T
I bought Ainol novo paladin with Android 4.0 for $100. Its a great tablet for that price, and on top of that it comes with latest android OS
ainol tablets will be good choices!
you may take a look at the Elf and Aurora:
hope you can find what you want!
I've been reading lots of good reviews on the Novo Aurora 7 so its one of my choices but I'm trying to decide if the Onda VI40 is a better package.
Both have IPS screens and 16gb storage with the ability to add a micro sd, the deciding factor for me is screen size 7 or 9.7?
Ainol Novo 7 ELF (139.99)
Zenithink C71(149.9)
Ainol Novo 7 Advanced II(149.99)
You may have a look at this:
Hope you can find what you want!
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