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Just resurrected my T01a after it got very slow, then a Nexus 7 came into my life before I felt forced to do anything about its doziness. It's still slow after its long sleep so I want to give it a full rebuild.

What stock/mod 'just works' and does so in a spritely way, with no wifi/g-sensor/whatever heartaches, please? Current setup is 'Crane...20120731'. On my Nexus I have JB which is very nice indeed.

If you can answer the above, try your hand at the following:
a. What is a snappy File Manager app for this device? I have - on my Nexus - Antek and Astro
b. Any real point in swapping the Launcher?
c. Any point in putting a 'battery saver' on it, with ICS and beyond? On a previous phone I had Juice Defender which did wonders (with Froyo and G'bread).

Thanks in advance!
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