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Hi All. I just jumped on the android tablet train and bought a PiPO M2 Max 3G couple of days ago (what an amazing piece of equipment it is!). I've been looking at information on different Firmware versions floating around and I'm tempted to try some out. However, having experience with number of different devices in the past I've learned that not always newer is better and very often firmware/BIOS originally loaded turns out to be the best. So, it is crucial to me to have possibility of going back to the firmware I have at the moment. After reading some posts here, it seems that the quickest way (but perhaps not the only possible way) is to reflash the tablet with the same stock firmware. And that is where I'm slightly confused, as I tried to compare my firmware version with PiPO website and cannot match it properly. Wonder if anyone can point me to the right file, or post Kernel Version/Build number that appeared after flashing specific rom?
So, details of my tablet are as follows:

PiPo M2 3G Max
Android Version 4.1.1
Kernel Version: 3.0.8+ [email protected] #441 SMP PREEMPT Wed Nov 28 18:28:57 CST 2012
Build Number: RK30_ANDROID4.1.1-SDK-v1.00.00 PCB-V1.4-eng 4.1.1 JRO03H 20121106.144826 release-keys

The closest seems to be "Firmware of PIPO M2 3G_20121108" on PiPo website, but something is not right as the Kernel Version is dated 2012/11/28? So perhaps I got preloaded the newest 2012/12/22?
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