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What have i bought?

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My slate has just arrive in the UK according to my tracking details - but, the question is - What have i bought? When i bought it i hadn't heard of Eken and just wanted an e book reader - what do you reckon?
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Hi,I bought an "APAD". I don't know which model I bought, but when I flash using the slatedroid firmwares, the touchscreen does not work anymore, and the main button shows "volume ringer" instead of performing its normal function. The volume buttons don't work anymore. The one difference I see between my tablet and the APAD I see everywhere on the internet is that I don't really have a mini USB port, but an Apple IPhone port, which works with my Iphone cable. Apart from that, the device looks exactly like an APAD.Does anyone knows which model of APAD I bought, and which firmware I should use to get it back to work ??ps: as you could assume, the vendor does not know the model and wont answer to my emails anymore...
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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