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what app to use to make sure swap is working

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hey i just made a linux swap file on my sd card for ecocotx firmware 1.3 what app can i use to make sure its working???
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Run some terminal program (e.g. Better Terminal Emulator Pro)In terminal type command "free" with Enter after it.
$ free
After that you can see total and used physical and swap memory. If Android doesn't use swap you'll see 0 value in swap line, otherwise there will be a nonzero.
The output looks like this (from my linux PC with 4GBs of RAM): [email protected]:~$ free total used free shared buffers cachedMem: 4058604 3900876 157728 0 241136 2778084Swap: 2811332 3432 2807900
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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