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Double-posting this because I can't change the original thread title....We're Getting Back the PDN Apps Sub-forum - PLS READ & GO VOTE! I made a request in the Suggestions / Bugs Forum on the Main Page. The link to my request is below: After some back and forth, Mike offered the following possibilities.... ****************** <snip> ...let's see if we can get something sorted out to make everyone happy. So, our options are: 1. Create an App sub-forum under each device 2. Add device suffixes to the existing App forum 3. Create device sub-forums in the App forum I quite like the idea of maybe having something like a "App Compatibility" sub-forum under each device section, then have a sticky to the main App forum for generalized discussion. How does that sound to you guys? And just to reiterate, we haven't lost any posts - they're all just either in the archives or general discussion waiting to be moved. ***************** So now I'd appreciate it if you would think about what you want and then GO OVER THERE AND EXPRESS YOUR OPINION!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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