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Warning to be safe while installing strange apps.

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I hope other will benefit from my misfortune this weekend.As I was getting to go to work, I went to App brain to download some games to play (since I don't have wifi access @ work).All I could find quickly was a find the difference game with simpsons pictures and lame puzzle game with Mario pictures.In a rush I downloaded and installed them without thinking more about it.I have GE installed and have access to all my google accounts.After coming home from work, I left the pad on and plugged it in to charge.When I woke up the next morning and attempted to log into google on my laptop, I was prompted BY GOOGLE, to re-activate my account and reset my password due to unauthorizedsuspicious activity.Luckily I was able to reset everything and regain access but someone/thing has emailed EVERYONE in my contact list a spam URL.To protect myself against that happening again, I firm flashed PDN with 8/20 and maybe tonight I will begin to rebuild what I had.Being so new to Android, i didn't think I needed to worry about security when installing apps. I now know differently.
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As a precaution, I suggest setting up an account on: and installing the com.lookout.apk. It works via wifi and scans all of the .apks installed on your PDN but will scan them as they are being installed.
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