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WARNING! Possible scam alert

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I just got burned in my Irobot, aka: Apad, aka: Moonse purchase. The Seller stated that it was a 1.2GHz processor (CPU600MHz+DSP600MHZ). I have run two separate test ('CPU Benchmark' and 'Quick system Info PRO' both are free in the Android Market) and found that it only has a ARM926EJ-S rev-5 (v5l) running at 299.00MHz! (I thought it seemed sluggish). DroidBench tells me I am running at 76.296 Mflops/s, I have NO IDEA what this means, if anyone can tell me if this in any way confirms or disputes what the other two MHz benchmarks give me, PLEASE let me know. I contacted the E-bay seller in China about this, but am not very hopeful, about a joyful conclusion. Lastly, just as a reference ARM926EJ-S rev-5 (v5l) is what is used in the Tom Tom One XL GPS. Excuse me while I go kick the couch and cry.
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I have seen some of these that look the same but have the VIA WM8505 probably at around 300mhz, my advice is to be very careful when ordering!
oh, and if it were me i would pop it open and make sure their is the cpu you paid for and get your money back if not.(if you can do it without breaking it)
I guess its a different market in china. In america we have laws that protect us from companies making false claims in their descriptions of products. People shouldnt have to get used to sellers false descriptions, if you are selling something you should learn what it is or be prepared to refund the money when the buyer doesnt get what he paid for.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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