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WARNING! Possible scam alert

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I just got burned in my Irobot, aka: Apad, aka: Moonse purchase. The Seller stated that it was a 1.2GHz processor (CPU600MHz+DSP600MHZ). I have run two separate test ('CPU Benchmark' and 'Quick system Info PRO' both are free in the Android Market) and found that it only has a ARM926EJ-S rev-5 (v5l) running at 299.00MHz! (I thought it seemed sluggish). DroidBench tells me I am running at 76.296 Mflops/s, I have NO IDEA what this means, if anyone can tell me if this in any way confirms or disputes what the other two MHz benchmarks give me, PLEASE let me know. I contacted the E-bay seller in China about this, but am not very hopeful, about a joyful conclusion. Lastly, just as a reference ARM926EJ-S rev-5 (v5l) is what is used in the Tom Tom One XL GPS. Excuse me while I go kick the couch and cry.
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I have this apad brought from china.I check the info in apad.kernel version 2.6.25rockchip version 1.2.7 ruiguanbuild RK-1.3.2.eng.root.20100512.140303can you tell me is this using rockchips 2808 and is this v2?
Mikeami;3436]Thank you Donaldson and Gevrik.I did check in settings and in said:
About Device[/b]" mine says "About MID" and when I did a google search for " 2.6.25 - rockchip version 1.2.7 (ruiguan) " it brought up the link SlateDroid [Alpha] - Android Tablet Forum and his says "About the phone". I know it seems petty, but it would make one think that there are several alterations of the Android OS on these devices. As I understand it the Android OS had to be honed by the manufactures to work correctly on the Apad, iRobot, etc... I imagine that they are all Android Cupcake 1.5.?. But could it be that one has better tweaks over another. Is there a separate alteration for the devices that have no camera from the ones that do (mine does btw) and most importantly to me, is there one that doesn't have Chinese (and chinese exclusive programs) embedded in so many places?
can I check with you, is your box name as iWeb or iRobot ?
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