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Waitin' and introducin'

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So I ordered my M001 off eBay on Friday - 92 bucks including UPS 3Day shipping to the US. Patience pays on eBay. ;DI bought this unit primarily as a geek toy and am optimistic that I will get my money's worth. I have some experience with embedded systems and am also pretty savvy with my soldering station, both skills I plan to use on my unit. One goal is an internal 4G Wimax upgrade, as Clear 4G Wimax ( is available in my city and to improve the batteries (got some RC background when it comes to LiPOs). Beyond that, we have lots of apple fans where I work and I am trying to counter-steer a bit with the 'droid.
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[quote author=skywise link=topic=191.msg3270#msg3270 date=1275169606]My auction had specifically free 3 day UPS to the US and that's how long it too. Had to be a bit pushy to get mt tracking# but that's a cultural thing I think.[/quote]I wish...I'm still waiting for mine! Standard Int'l Flat Rate Shipping: FREE
I ordered mine on Deal Extreme on 5/18. My boyfriend ordered his about 12 hours before I did from the same place. Mine arrived yesterday (5/29) and his just shipped from China to the USA (5/29). :/ Not sure why.
My seller FINALLY replied with my tracking number (even though I requested it in the NOTES section during the payment process within eBay/PayPal).I should get mine tomorrow!Had it delivered to work so I'd get it quicker, and will be updating firmware as soon as the box is open (well, maybe a LITTLE after).Here's my tracking details if it will help anyone else in their wait...Status: In Transit - On Time Scheduled Delivery Date: 06/01/2010Shipped To: SACRAMENTO, CA, US Shipped/Billed On: 05/28/2010Type: PackageService: UPS SAVERWeight: .90 Kg
:'(Status: In Transit - Rescheduled Rescheduled Delivery Date: 06/02/2010
:)Guess the shipping delay was a lie!I GOT MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...letting it charge up, then firmware update will commence!
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Hello,New here to the forum,and new in my wait for my Eken M001,looking forward to contributing to the forum,I thank all of you for this good place.Can't wait for it to arrive,now that I have the good advice from all of you to help me along.=TM=
I'm waiting for mine.... Ebay for 99.99 USD incl shipping, which given the current exchange rate is about ?70.00 GBP..... Looks like a fun toy (once I've flashed it), even if it's not much practical use I am sure my kids will love it. ;-)Drew.
Hey guys. New to the forum. I just ordered mine from Ebay on 6/23/2010. Got it for 129.99 with Free UPS 3-Day Shipping. So I am hoping that it's not going to take 2 weeks for it to is the auction.... what I found out here, it looks like an Eken M002, but not 100% sure.
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