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Waitin' and introducin'

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So I ordered my M001 off eBay on Friday - 92 bucks including UPS 3Day shipping to the US. Patience pays on eBay. ;DI bought this unit primarily as a geek toy and am optimistic that I will get my money's worth. I have some experience with embedded systems and am also pretty savvy with my soldering station, both skills I plan to use on my unit. One goal is an internal 4G Wimax upgrade, as Clear 4G Wimax ( is available in my city and to improve the batteries (got some RC background when it comes to LiPOs). Beyond that, we have lots of apple fans where I work and I am trying to counter-steer a bit with the 'droid.
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we also have 4g wimax here in perth australia.People getting like 20-30 mbit.So if u achieve it
well done :)Only thing stopping you is linux drivers?
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Yeh we cant use 3rd party with our Wimax Provider "vivid Wireles"
Got mine ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;DWOOT1 problems though.....I didnt get a stylis like they said they would
:(Will do results and testing soon
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