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Waitin' and introducin'

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So I ordered my M001 off eBay on Friday - 92 bucks including UPS 3Day shipping to the US. Patience pays on eBay. ;DI bought this unit primarily as a geek toy and am optimistic that I will get my money's worth. I have some experience with embedded systems and am also pretty savvy with my soldering station, both skills I plan to use on my unit. One goal is an internal 4G Wimax upgrade, as Clear 4G Wimax ( is available in my city and to improve the batteries (got some RC background when it comes to LiPOs). Beyond that, we have lots of apple fans where I work and I am trying to counter-steer a bit with the 'droid.
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Hello SlateDroid!First post - here's my story...I was going to order from DealExtreme, but I've had a bad experience with them in the past (never got one of the items I ordered, and they have YET to even reply to my emails about my missing item), so I went ahead and did some late night eBay sniping and got one on its way for $92.xxVery anxious to get it, as I have many things in mind for it.Interested in: adding more ram, replacing batteries, r00t, droid 2.2, possible camera addon, etc...(am I missing anything?)
[quote author=Mike link=topic=191.msg2392#msg2392 date=1274910717]GPS and 3G
[/quote]haha, I think those might be just a tad more difficult.GPS would probably happen before 3G, but still...........
[quote author=itanium link=topic=191.msg2396#msg2396 date=1274911091]which seller did you guys went into for 92USD incl. shipping?[/quote]I simply searched for "android 7" and then sorted by "ending soonest."I found one that would end after 11pm PST (so I could possibly out-snipe those East Coasters [haha]), and ended up watching quite a few. The one I ended up getting was NOT a buy it now, so the buyer doesn't matter - it's simply a matter of skilled thought on which ones to bid on (based on the ending time), and getting LUCKY!Not that the prices on some other sites are that much higher than I paid, I just feel that if there's an issue with my transaction, I have enough direct numbers to eBay and PayPal that I'm confident that I will get my issues resolved (at least I have every time so far).
[quote author=skywise link=topic=191.msg3032#msg3032 date=1275096543]I got mine from but it was an actual auction.[/quote]Same seller I got mine from!Subtotal: AU $108.00Shipping & handling: FREETotal: AU $108.00($92.xx USD)Paid on May-24-10 via PayPalLive in California...Have you gotten yours yet? If so, how long did it take?I sent them a message asking for tracking, but haven't heard back yet.
[quote author=skywise link=topic=191.msg3270#msg3270 date=1275169606]My auction had specifically free 3 day UPS to the US and that's how long it too. Had to be a bit pushy to get mt tracking# but that's a cultural thing I think.[/quote]I wish...I'm still waiting for mine! Standard Int'l Flat Rate Shipping: FREE
My seller FINALLY replied with my tracking number (even though I requested it in the NOTES section during the payment process within eBay/PayPal).I should get mine tomorrow!Had it delivered to work so I'd get it quicker, and will be updating firmware as soon as the box is open (well, maybe a LITTLE after).Here's my tracking details if it will help anyone else in their wait...Status: In Transit - On Time Scheduled Delivery Date: 06/01/2010Shipped To: SACRAMENTO, CA, US Shipped/Billed On: 05/28/2010Type: PackageService: UPS SAVERWeight: .90 Kg
:'(Status: In Transit - Rescheduled Rescheduled Delivery Date: 06/02/2010
:)Guess the shipping delay was a lie!I GOT MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...letting it charge up, then firmware update will commence!
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