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Waitin' and introducin'

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So I ordered my M001 off eBay on Friday - 92 bucks including UPS 3Day shipping to the US. Patience pays on eBay. ;DI bought this unit primarily as a geek toy and am optimistic that I will get my money's worth. I have some experience with embedded systems and am also pretty savvy with my soldering station, both skills I plan to use on my unit. One goal is an internal 4G Wimax upgrade, as Clear 4G Wimax ( is available in my city and to improve the batteries (got some RC background when it comes to LiPOs). Beyond that, we have lots of apple fans where I work and I am trying to counter-steer a bit with the 'droid.
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Hi @ all.I was checking ebay again for some toys. Junior (13) is allways into the "hipe" Apple wave. And myself (Daddy) is more looking at my bank account. :
Soooo I found the EKEN M001 on ebay. Checked it in the Internet and ordert 3 units. Around $100 isn't that bad for an ebook reader and to check emails. Junior can still go on Facebook :- and is happy too. We live in Canada and if I order some toys, they arrive on the border normaly in 5-7 days. Only customs is slowing it down to 4 weeks!
Before the Eken I got some iPhone clones and they work really good in Canada. $65 per unit incl. Wifi was much cheaper than an iPhone..... Best regards
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