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Voyo A15

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This is a very interesting device with a 11.6" (!) IPS capacitive multitouchscreen with 1920x1080 resolution.
It's powered by the dual-core Samsung Exynos 5250 (ARM Cortex-A15) processor running at 2.0Ghz alongside the Mali-T604 and 2GB RAM.
It features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 3G via an external dongle.
The 16GB is expandable with a microSD card.
Other features include stereo speakers and a front facing and rear facing camera, both 2.0MP.
Standard ports including HDMI-output.
The device runs off a 11500mAh (!) battery.

More info on the official product page:

Official Tmall store:
Pricepoint: ¥ 1599 (~ 260 USD), special: ¥ 1399 (CNY/RMB, ~ 230 USD) local retailing price in China (so add reseller fee and intl. shipping).
AliExpress search:
Chinese webshops:

Articles on Voyo tablets can be found at e.g.:
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Does the USB 3 port supply 900ma ?

- This can be tested by connecting a 2TB portable USB3 HDD via USB3 cable only.

Are the speeds are actually rated USB 3.0 ?

- This can be tested using OTG USB3 cable and a USB flash disk.

Would really appreciate an answer as the other Exynos tablets - Note 3, Galaxy S5, Samsung 12.2 have USB3 issues.

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