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Volume buttons to scroll buttons

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Scrolling with finger is so annoying. Is it possible to change volume +-buttons to scroll up-down? or opposing when you try +- sound instead it will produce scroll action?
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In some programms is this function implemented (e.g. FBReaderJ). But generally there are no Android app to remapping buttons, I'm affraid
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An excellent suggestion!I too find it annoying scrolling through those large listings like in the App store with a finger. How often does one need to adjust the volume anyway, it seems overkill to dedicate hardware buttons to it. Volume could be a setting like screen brightness.The change I would think could be done at the driver module level, which is well within the realm of the programmers here.
I managed to remap the volume buttons "+" and "-" on the tablet to scroll need to edit the files and qwerty.kl found in /system/usr/keylayout folder.Open each of the 2 files and replace:"key 115 VOLUME_UP" with "key 115 DPAD_UP""key 114 VOLUME_DOWN" with "key 114 DPAD_DOWN"Save the files and restart the tablet! That's it!
10x. Just 2 quick questions:1. What software to use to edit them? I have rooted FW, but still can't edit them.2. Will I still be able to change my volume with these keys?
Wow changes pages in kindle so far haven't tried other things but this is a huge improvement thank u razz for figuribg this out couldn't have been easier to implement. Now this is even a better ereader.
The volume can still be adjusted by using using the speaker + and - icons in the permanent menu at the top of the home screen. -- dinnty
1. I'm using Ecotox 3.1 and I used the ES File Explorer to do this. This is a definite improvement to scrolling for me. Of course, you lose volume switch for the page flip in Aldiko and presumably FBReader. 2. You can't change volume with these keys without reversing the key assignment. There is already a volume adjustment at the top of the Menu screen that works well and you can always mute by long-pressing the Power key. That works fine for my needs. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable could set it up so that the key can be used for scrolling with a short-press and volume with a long press. Or a screen toggle between the two?Meanwhile, thank you razvanesq, I think this really helps.-- dinnty
i edited the files on the tablet, using ES File Explorer (open file as text). i think you could copy them on SD card, edit on PC with notepad, and overwrite them on tablet.
Excellent!This is extremely useful and simple to do. For me, this is the way it should have been for this tablet.
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