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Voice input: via "headphone out jack" - bluetooth - usb

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Seeing as there is no dedicated built in microphone and there is only a headphone out jack how can one enable voice input/microphone?1) Perhaps the "headphone out jack" it does have: - is of the kind [4 conductor 3.5mm jack] that would allow using a Speaker/Microphone Adapter ? - can be used with an iphone headset with mic ? - can be used with a Shure Music Phone Adapter / VoicePort Microphone ?2) Perhaps a USB headset/microphone would do the trick?3) Perhaps a Bluetooth headset/microphone would work?I would very much appreciate feedback and ideas from you that already have a Witstech A81-e.This is the major issue stopping me from ordering one myself as I would hate to not be able to use Skype, Google Voice, Google Talk, Google Voice enabled applications etc. as well as just recording voice memoscheersPSYou could try it out with:VoiceMemo [ alternate download ]VoiceTask [ alternate download ]Voice Recorder [ alternate download ]vRecorder [ alternate download ]Recordoid Dictaphone Lite / [ Download here ]Voice Actions for Android Evernote[other Free Voice Record Applications for Android]
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You are lucky... mine only pairs but does not connect with any of my bluetooth devices. Guess we have to wait for an updated firmware.
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