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Voice input: via "headphone out jack" - bluetooth - usb

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Seeing as there is no dedicated built in microphone and there is only a headphone out jack how can one enable voice input/microphone?1) Perhaps the "headphone out jack" it does have: - is of the kind [4 conductor 3.5mm jack] that would allow using a Speaker/Microphone Adapter ? - can be used with an iphone headset with mic ? - can be used with a Shure Music Phone Adapter / VoicePort Microphone ?2) Perhaps a USB headset/microphone would do the trick?3) Perhaps a Bluetooth headset/microphone would work?I would very much appreciate feedback and ideas from you that already have a Witstech A81-e.This is the major issue stopping me from ordering one myself as I would hate to not be able to use Skype, Google Voice, Google Talk, Google Voice enabled applications etc. as well as just recording voice memoscheersPSYou could try it out with:VoiceMemo [ alternate download ]VoiceTask [ alternate download ]Voice Recorder [ alternate download ]vRecorder [ alternate download ]Recordoid Dictaphone Lite / [ Download here ]Voice Actions for Android Evernote[other Free Voice Record Applications for Android]
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mingnon;44893]have just loaded the new firmware on mine said:
I dont have any of the devices you mentioned, maybe someone else has them[/B]
thanks mingnon - even if somebody could just try it with those over the ear clip-on ear & mike bluetooth devices.
dataslut;45003 said:
My Nokia BT headset pairs and connects fine. Don't have skype installed. Voice search doesnt show up tho.. Then battery dies so couldnt try anymore out.
Thanks very much dataslut.Perhaps when your battery is recharged you could give it a spin with:Recordoid Dictaphone Lite / [ Download here ]
a80what;45980 said:
I believe voice search has to be enabled in settings.
thanks a80whatTrying out ...Recordoid Dictaphone Lite / [ Download here ] ... with a bluetooth headset or ear clip-on should work without having to adjust any settings, no?
plasmadis;48207 said:
I have a Motorola pair of headphones with 4 pins and a mic that came with my last phone. In the tear down pics of the A81E it looks like 4 pins are going into the jack. I'm dying to try it out as soon as I get my device.
Good find, plasmadis! I look forward to hearing how it went once you've received your device.
I found the following review of voice recording apps on AndBOT:Best FREE Voice Recorder AppFrom simplest to most featured:VoiceMemo [ alternate download ]VoiceTask [ alternate download ]Voice Recorder [ alternate download ]vRecorder [ alternate download ]I would still like to know whether any of these run on this tablet using a bluetooth headset/over the ear clip-on or whether I need to start looking for a different tablet.
aksoutherland over @ JT's World Forum tested and posted the following:
To clarify a bit, I am using the Jabra BT8010. It is a stereo headset.I was able to pull down and test the 4 following apps.VoiceMemoVoiceTaskVoice RecordervRecorderEach one I was able to install. Each of them also showed the same behavior, they each locked up the tablet. I had to pull the power to reset the device. I stopped after that as there appears to be something wrong with the BT stack. It appears to not like input. But that is just my 2 cents worth.Let me know if you have any additional questions.
So I guess unless there is some kind of an update to the bluetooth stack by Witstech, I will need to start looking for a different device; IFA Berlin will be interesting to follow from Thursday onwards.
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