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Voice input: via "headphone out jack" - bluetooth - usb

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Seeing as there is no dedicated built in microphone and there is only a headphone out jack how can one enable voice input/microphone?1) Perhaps the "headphone out jack" it does have: - is of the kind [4 conductor 3.5mm jack] that would allow using a Speaker/Microphone Adapter ? - can be used with an iphone headset with mic ? - can be used with a Shure Music Phone Adapter / VoicePort Microphone ?2) Perhaps a USB headset/microphone would do the trick?3) Perhaps a Bluetooth headset/microphone would work?I would very much appreciate feedback and ideas from you that already have a Witstech A81-e.This is the major issue stopping me from ordering one myself as I would hate to not be able to use Skype, Google Voice, Google Talk, Google Voice enabled applications etc. as well as just recording voice memoscheersPSYou could try it out with:VoiceMemo [ alternate download ]VoiceTask [ alternate download ]Voice Recorder [ alternate download ]vRecorder [ alternate download ]Recordoid Dictaphone Lite / [ Download here ]Voice Actions for Android Evernote[other Free Voice Record Applications for Android]
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dudelsack;49138 said:
You are lucky... mine only pairs but does not connect with any of my bluetooth devices. Guess we have to wait for an updated firmware.
Connected with my nokia e51 and trasferred files, but i had to try and retry several times before get connectedI am always able to pair, but connection requirers a bit of luck Bye!
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